PoGoMap: locate all nearby Pokémons


Caught in PokéMania? Can’t wait to catch them all? PoGoMap is a Python utility to find nearby Pokémons. The data is updated live and optionally shows gyms and pokestops in your locality. The client runs on a flask server and uses the google maps service. Though it is still a proof of concept, the utility works precisely. Continue reading PoGoMap: locate all nearby Pokémons

KeeWeb: KeePass compatible password manager


KeeWeb is a beautifully designed multi-platform app that works with KeePass database files. KeeWeb is written in electron and comes as a standalone desktop app or online/offline web apps. For this article we will concentrate on the desktop app. We have our reservations about cloud based password managers. Continue reading KeeWeb: KeePass compatible password manager

Code beautification nightmare

hacker_compProgrammers develop unique styles of coding over years. While some of those might actually be useful, there are some widespread styles around code beautification which range from being redundant to problematic. I will keep the examples in this article limited to C but they may apply to other languages too. Continue reading Code beautification nightmare