The secret of awesomeness

While it’s a common belief that an awesome coder types away at tremendous speed for hours producing hundreds of lines of code, the reality is – an enlightened developer spends hours in thinking and then writes as few as 20 lines of flawless code that works better than those thousand lines. The secret is – typing furiously at the keyboard and logical thinking don’t go together, you have to give the brain its recluse, pull everything together and then write your poetry.

Long lives, untimely deaths…

Long lives, untimely deaths and material happiness are so important factors to men because they either love life incredibly or are oblivious of the reality of death. Now that I think of it, nothing other than a calm blissful mind and one’s work seem to be of any true significance in the universal scheme of things. The more you let outside factors disturb these the more you get entangled in life… more than it’s worth.

Tao excerpt

When I first began to program I would see before me the whole problem in one mass. After three years I no longer saw this mass. Instead, I used subroutines. But now I see nothing. My whole being exists in a formless void. My senses are idle. My spirit, free to work without plan, follows its own instinct. In short, my program writes itself. True, sometimes there are difficult problems. I see them coming, I slow down, I watch silently. Then I change a single line of code and the difficulties vanish like puffs of idle smoke. I then compile the program. I sit still and let the joy of the work fill my being. I close my eyes for a moment and then log off.

– The Tao of Programming

Dear Microsoft,…

Dear Microsoft,

A desperate attempt at sleek look and feel doesn’t complement quality and performance. I saw the metro theme spreading across all your products to promote Windows 8 but here’s my experience with services which actually mattered to me. I am trying to get your over-hyped Bing webmaster tool work for me for more than 8 months now and every time my site is crawled only the day I submit it. Crawler scheduling simply doesn’t work. The last time I submitted my sitemap was on 07 Mar, 2013 and it’s the also last day it was crawled! I was trying out your new outlook look of hotmail after years. After hundreds of mail deletions your algorithm broke. Even when I read a count of 37 unread mails in my inbox I could actually find only 12-15 mails in total.

Rubbish products in golden packages!