WireGuard: simpler, faster VPN tunnel


OpenVPN is a very familiar name to those using VPN on Linux. While it’s old and tested, there’s no way an individual can audit the code and confirm there are no security loopholes. This is a major problem if you consider the fact that newer and deadlier ways to breach security are being developed actively everyday. In areas of networking and security, simpler but more robust alternatives are always welcome. WireGuard is a secure under-development VPN tunneling utility with a refined approach. Continue reading WireGuard: simpler, faster VPN tunnel

Opera includes SurfEasy VPN, not for Linux yet

opera-compHope you haven’t counted Opera browser out of the equation yet. While Firefox is focussing on browser security and tracking protection, Opera has just integrated SurfEasy, a VPN service it acquired recently. Using a VPN ensures that even your ISP can’t snoop into your browsing information. Continue reading Opera includes SurfEasy VPN, not for Linux yet

Lantern: unblock websites

lantern_compBlocking access to websites is a common practice by governments in different countries. Somehow they fail to realize that there are thousand routes to a website and millions of users are smarter that a handful of government IT department workers. For example, very recently the Indian government decided to invade the personal rights and privacy of individuals (probably based on very vague and misunderstood ethical or cultural considerations) and went ahead to block a number of porn websites. Protests ensued and they revoked it within days. Continue reading Lantern: unblock websites

vpnbook: access from Ubuntu

anonymousWe explored how to use FrootVPN earlier and vpnbook isn’t much difference. You don’t need to create a user account with vpnbook and it’s 100% free. Servers are available in Europe as well as US. To use the service, visit vpnbook and click on the tab openvpn. Note down the username and password. Download any of the bundles. Continue reading vpnbook: access from Ubuntu

VPNDaemon: monitor VPN connections

p2p_network_compMany of us use VPNs to connect to office network or protect our online footprints. However, a VPN disconnection may lead to malfunctioning of your applications or reveal your identity when connecting via the normal connection. VPNDaemon is a tool to monitor a VPN connection and kill any program when there is a disconnection. Continue reading VPNDaemon: monitor VPN connections

FrootVPN: encrypted anonymous VPN

anonymousUpdate: FrootVPN is no longer free.

FrootVPN is a (The Pirate Bay endorsed) free VPN service that routes all your network traffic anonymously through servers in Stockholm. The mechanism is different from Tor, where network bandwidth is randomly shared among the users. As per the claims on the FrootVPN website, the traffic is fully anonymous, censor free and no user information is saved in the servers. Continue reading FrootVPN: encrypted anonymous VPN