notepadIt’s been a while we visited, a fast web service to jot down your notes or memos or todos and password protect them, or to share info between different systems. No accounts, no logins, no attachments. However, the developer put down a service end notice in Dec 2015. Though it’s still running, the notice is still there and we started looking for some alternatives. Continue reading alternatives cmdline web OS with music

interface provides an enjoyable web experience in a command-line interface. For the unfamiliar, it brings cherry-picked goodies from the cmdline and presents it in a beautiful app-based and highly customizable interface. You can run searches, read news or have fun listening to fm radio or reading random jokes. Continue reading cmdline web OS with music

Classeur: web markdown editor


It’s been some time I’ve been using StackEdit for drafting articles. While StackEdit has everything I need, it needs considerable memory to run and render the preview. I found a new service that is equally capable but very light – Classeur. I must admit the design of Classeur seemed a bit odd to me at first, but once I found my way around, it’s quite cool. Continue reading Classeur: web markdown editor

wttr: weather from the terminal


Many of us have the habit of checking the weather every now and then. There are excellent weather indicators, Typhoon or cmdline wego and weather-util. Turns out there’s another way to get the same (but static) wego output in the terminal. And that too without installing any utility other than your pre-installed download tools. Continue reading wttr: weather from the terminal

Grapse: edit man pages online

hacker_compEditing man pages in vim is not exactly my favourite task. There are two reasons: the syntax of man pages and the need to frequently check the page with man after few edits. However, I have to do it often for Buku and google-cli. Seems like those days are over, thanks to the new web-based utility Grapse. Continue reading Grapse: edit man pages online

Panopticlick 2: test browser security

eff_compPanopticlick from EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) got a new update in version 2. It’s an online service is to check how secure your browser is from online tracking. Our regular readers might remember, EFF is also the team behind Privacy Badger. Continue reading Panopticlick 2: test browser security

LabxNow: desktop Linux in the cloud

The subject-line for this article could also read Koding that we wanted. We strongly criticized Koding in one of our earlier articles because of the half-baked solution it provides for programmers. Sadly, the situation hasn’t improved with the service, your cursor still moves 2 seconds after you press the arrow keys. However, it seems that we have a professional solution in LabxNow, a service for general users offering Linux remote desktop over the browser. Continue reading LabxNow: desktop Linux in the cloud

Wire: stunning Skype alternative

Wire is from the same people who brought us Skype before Microsoft bought the service. One of the prominent backers is Janus Friis who was also the co-founder of Skype. Wire has some innovative features that makes it a possible competitor to Skype though it’s in the market quite late. Continue reading Wire: stunning Skype alternative