Firefox add-ons I use

firefoxHere are some of the Firefox extensions I use(d) regularly:

  • Adblock Plus: Blocks annoying ads.
  • AddThis: Post pages to various sites and services like Gmail, WordPress, Facebook from the context menu.
  • Auto Shutdown NG: Fine tune what to do after download is complete and you are not available.
  • ChmFox: View CHM files in Firefox.
  • Copy Plain Text: Copy text from a page as plain text without formatting.
  • FDV Speed Dial: Saves a lot of typing. Can create dial images from default site images instead of site previews.
  • Flashblock: Stops flash videos from streaming automatically.
  • InstantFox: Address bar shortcuts and suggestions.
  • New Old Menu: Return to the old menus of Firefox.
  • QuickDrag: Extremely useful. Drag and open an image or a link in a separate tab.
  • Resurrect Pages: Get server-cached pages when a site is down.
  • Side Tabs: Place tabs in a sidebar. Great for widescreen laptops.
  • United States English Spellchecker: Detects spelling mistakes in typing.