Grep binary files on Linux

hacker_compWe explored techniques to search a binary file using grep in an earlier article. However, we could only search ASCII strings using grep. In this article we will explore some powerful utilities which can perform ascii as well as hexadecimal string search on binary files. Continue reading Grep binary files on Linux

buku & xsel: add selected or copied URL as bookmark


buku is a powerful cmdline Python3 SQLite3 bookmark management utility. buku v1.8 adds the capability of handling piped input. Besides the obvious, this adds the possibility of adding bookmarks from anywhere in your system to the buku database. On Linux, copied text or mouse selected text can be added directly with a shortcut. The other tool you need is xsel. Let’s try it out! Continue reading buku & xsel: add selected or copied URL as bookmark

TLDR: man, abbreviated.


Do you find the man pages boring to read? Do you <Shift-g> to the end hunting for some real usage examples? Probably many Linux users do the same. Sometimes it makes sense, when you don’t need to re-understand the wheel. That’s why you should try the TLDR pages. Continue reading TLDR: man, abbreviated.