Safely remove drives from terminal

diskHave you noticed that different file manager apps provide different options to remove drives? You probably have sees the options unmount, eject and safely remove drives. In this article we’ll explore these options briefly and then hack a way to safety detach removable USB disk drives from a Linux system. Continue reading Safely remove drives from terminal

wttr: weather from the terminal


Many of us have the habit of checking the weather every now and then. There are excellent weather indicators, Typhoon or cmdline wego and weather-util. Turns out there’s another way to get the same (but static) wego output in the terminal. And that too without installing any utility other than your pre-installed download tools. Continue reading wttr: weather from the terminal

falco: monitor application behaviour

If you remember sysdig, it’s a highly useful utility to trace and profile a Linux system. The sysdig team has introduced a new utility – falco. falco extends sysdig to monitor behavioral activity on Linux and guard it against any anomalous activity in applications. While falco primarily targets containers, it works directly on Linux too. Continue reading falco: monitor application behaviour

imgmin: optimize JPEG images automatically

image_editor_compWe explored some utilities to optimize png, jpeg and gif images earlier. Though they yield very good results, a common problem is the need to specify the optimization level manually. Most users would use a 80%-85% level in fear of ruining the image quality. imgmin is a promising project that attempts solves this problem by calculating the optimal level mathematically and automating the process without manual intervention. Continue reading imgmin: optimize JPEG images automatically

Swiss File Knife: cmdline toolbox


Swiss File Knife is a collection of hundred regularly used command line utilities in a single executable. The right place for which is in your Linux bootable pen drive for troubleshooting systems on the fly. From listing directory contents to joining files to archive management, SFN gets you covered. Continue reading Swiss File Knife: cmdline toolbox

googler 2.3 adds Google Site Search


I have released googler 2.3 yesterday. As most TuxDiary readers are aware by now, it is a utility to google from the cmdline. The latest version extends that further by adding Google Site Search support so that you can search a single website using Google. googler users can now lookup Amazon for shopping or IMDB to check out how The Jungle Book is doing in the Box Office! Continue reading googler 2.3 adds Google Site Search

Fix brightness issues on Manjaro

manjaro_compI am using Manjaro LXQt for a while now. My laptop is a Sony VAIO SVS13112ENB with Intel i915 graphics. The brightness keys wouldn’t work out of the box. To fix it I used the same scripts from Ubuntu and attached them to the brightness up/down keys. Those worked but I noticed two more issues with the procedure. Continue reading Fix brightness issues on Manjaro

vis: a simpler vim


vim has been around for years and accumulated a lot of legacy code. Projects like neovim have emerged to remove the clutter and extend vim with a modern approach. vis is a similar attempt written from the scratch to provide a vim-like experience without legacy baggage. It is under active development at the time of writing. Continue reading vis: a simpler vim