StarUML is available for Ubuntu


If you are a developer you must have come across StarUML at some point or another. It is a very old and popular UML modelling software. However, for years, it was available only for Windows. Hunting for a good alternative we just noticed that StarUML has a native Linux client for almost a year now! However, from the Google search results it seems there wasn’t enough noise. Continue reading StarUML is available for Ubuntu

mermaid: diagram, flowchart from text


There are a large number of tools (like Gliffy or Visio) available to generate diagrams an flowcharts. Each has its own unique features. But how about visually documenting your projects through text (like markdown)? I am not speaking o ASCII art here. mermaid is a new tool under development to make it possible.

mermaid is written in JS (javascript) and has simple directives to generate a particular kind of construct. For example, the diagram above has been generated by the following code:

graph LR;
    A[Hard edge]-->|Link text|B(Round edge);
    C-->|One|D[Result one];
    C-->|Two|E[Result two];

Here’s a live example.

At the time of writing mermaid can draw charts, graphs, nodes or links of different shapes and sizes and understand directions of arrows among other features. It also supports defining re-usable classes like templates.



$bower install mermaid --save-dev
// OR
$npm install mermaid --save-dev


Include mermaid module in your webpage as

mermaid will look for tags with class="mermaid". From these tags mermaid will try to read the chart definition which will be replaced with the svg chart. Check the project page for extensive documentation.

I’ld love to see support for sequence diagrams and other UML artifacts in mermaid.

Webpage: mermaid

Gliffy: diagrams and flowcharts online

How many times have you searched for the right platform-independent program to create diagrams and flowcharts? If you are a developer, the answer will be countless times. Gliffy makes the job easier because you can use it online any time. It also has a commercial plugin named Confluence. Gliffy is very powerful and supports the following:

  • Flowcharts
  • Org charts
  • UML diagrams
  • Network diagrams
  • Wireframes
  • Technical drawings

Webpage: Gliffy

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