Your favourite websites in Dash on Ubuntu

ubuntu_logo_81x81Instead of running the browser all the time and selecting bookmarks, you can also create shortcuts in the Dash which you can open whenever you want (like an app) directly from your desktop. I find it extremely handy for taking regular random notes using My favourite option to do this is the Chromium (or Google Chrome) way explained in this discussion thread. But there are other options too! Take your pick and open your frequently visited websites directly from the Unity Dash. To remove any shortcut later, check this thread. I could find the icons in this path if you want to change them:

The application shortcuts are created under:

To show the icons correctly in dash, create a directory 48×48 (at the same level as 16×16) and put images of 48×48 resolution and same name as the icons in 16×16 directory.

The awesome Ubuntu Unity Lens


Unity lenses and scopes are awesome ways to search for several things, both local or online, directly from your desktop – from torrents to YouTube videos to your local files. Lens and scopes provide dedicated views to find, organize and show a variety of content types. Use ^Tab to switch easily between different Ubuntu lenses from the Unity dash. Some of the PPAs still don’t have packages for Ubuntu Precise but those will hopefully be available soon. I have requested the ppa owners for updating. Some of the interesting Ubuntu Lens and Scopes are:

  • Graphic Design Lens
  • Contact Lens
  • Tomboy Lens
  • Photo/Flickr Lens
  • YouTube Scope & Lens
  • Cities Scope
  • Pirate Bay Scope & Torrent Lens
  • Gwibber Lens
  • Spotify Scope
  • Book Lens
  • Ask Ubuntu Lens
  • Dash-based Calculator Scope
  • Google Books Lens
  • Wikipedia Lens
  • Recoll Lens
  • Web Sources Lens
  • Music Lens
  • Google Docs Lens
  • Calendar Lens
  • DuckDuckGo Lens
  • Reddit Lens
  • Web History Lens
  • Adult Lens & Porn Scope
  • Dictionary Lens
  • SSHSearch Lens
  • Cooking Lens
  • Grooveshark lens
  • Bliss Lens
  • News Lens
  • Binary Clock Lens
  • Pidgin Lens
  • Academic Lens
  • Find The Perfect Time to Stargaze Lens