xara: Debian package manager


Most Ubuntu users prefer Software Center or synaptic for package management. Those who love the command-line definitely use apt all the time. In this article we will explore another package manager available in the default repos – xara. xara is written in GTK+ and has powerful capabilities. Continue reading xara: Debian package manager

Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

compress_compWould you like to see a single package running on any Linux device, irrespective of the distribution? Seems like the long wait for a universal package format is finally going to end. There has been several attempts in the recent past (e.g., ORB & Superdeb, AppImage and more) to achieve this but snaps has emerged the winner. Continue reading Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

ORB & Superdeb: offline package installer bundle

ubuntu_logo_81x81Superdebs along with ORB (Open Runnable Bundle) Launcher provide a new way to install apps on disconnected Ubuntu systems. The idea is to package apps together in a bundle and deploy on demand from the bundle. ORB is the open format to package and distribute the applications. The Launcher installs the orb packages. Continue reading ORB & Superdeb: offline package installer bundle

Ubuntu 16.04 will support ‘snaps’

ubuntu_logo_81x81The pain of LTS users having to stick to older versions of apps would be over with Ubuntu 16.04. An announcement from Olli Ries (Head of Engineering for Canonical’s Product Strategy team) today confirmed that snap packages will be supported from Ubuntu Xenial Xerus alongside the regular deb packages. Remember adapt? snap is similar. However, snaps will use Ubuntu Snappy instead of LXD containers. Continue reading Ubuntu 16.04 will support ‘snaps’

adapt: any app version on any Ubuntu release

ubuntu_logo_81x81We explored AppImage to generate distro-independent Linux binaries a few days back. With Linux, there are multiple elegant ways to solve similar problems. Here’s a situation regular Ubuntu uses might face often: just when you are ready to roll with the fresh application that does awesome things, you visit the PPA to find the package is not available for the version on Ubuntu you are on. Well, if you are on Ubuntu 14.04 or above a new utility called adapt might save the day. Continue reading adapt: any app version on any Ubuntu release

AppImage: distro agnostic Linux apps

tux_compThe diversity of Linux is one of its strengths: you can grab any flavour, any DE and use any package format. However, this also makes it difficult for newbies trying out different flavours of Linux. It’s tricky to find all the dependencies of your software immediately, especially if they are not available in the default repos. I remember being a frequent visitor to the RPM PBone Search website to find the right versions of the right software in my early Linux days. AppImage is a new project trying to improve the situation. Continue reading AppImage: distro agnostic Linux apps