Ubuntu 16.04 will support ‘snaps’

ubuntu_logo_81x81The pain of LTS users having to stick to older versions of apps would be over with Ubuntu 16.04. An announcement from Olli Ries (Head of Engineering for Canonical’s Product Strategy team) today confirmed that snap packages will be supported from Ubuntu Xenial Xerus alongside the regular deb packages. Remember adapt? snap is similar. However, snaps will use Ubuntu Snappy instead of LXD containers. Continue reading Ubuntu 16.04 will support ‘snaps’

ClassicMenu Indicator for Ubuntu 16.04


If you have already started trying Ubuntu 16.04 (which is reasonably stable in my experience) with Unity for non-production usage, you might be missing the ClassicManu Indicator in the repos. Here’s the good news: the developer has released a new version with support for Ubuntu 16.04 a few hours back! Continue reading ClassicMenu Indicator for Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator to be overhauled

After OOBE, plans to rewrite Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator (SDC) surfaced today. The goal is to write a completely new tool and release it with Ubuntu 16.04. The new tool would be written in GO and QML and some mock-ups are available. Non-Ubuntu ISOs might also be supported. Continue reading Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator to be overhauled