Total Mall, Bangalore hoax (?)

coffee_compAbout one and a half weeks back I went to Total Mall (Murgesh Palya, Bangalore) with my wife and sister (a very rare occasion as we are skeptic about mall culture). We did a little stray shopping and I paid using my credit card. Last Friday I received a call and a lady informed that my number has been selected for a lucky draw as I have done shopping at Total Mall. She also wanted to know whether I am married or not. Today noon I received a call from a Bangalore number and the guy said that my number has won the draw and I am entitled to win a prize worth INR 30K consisting of 3 items – 1. a holiday accommodation voucher worth 25K INR, 2. a one day privilege pass and 3. a kitchen set. He confirmed once again that I am married and then requested me to reach a location at Outer Ring Road beside the Intel office to take the prize by 19:30 today. He also gave me his number and sent an SMS with the same details from another number. As it was not possible for my wife to go today I called up the guy after sometime and asked him if it’s OK for me to go alone with any document proof that I am married. He said that I must go with my wife or alternatively some other couple can also go on my behalf and collect the gifts. I was doubtful when he said this. He called me once again around 16:20 in the afternoon and asked me if I could find any couple. I was very suspicious by then. I searched Google and found that there are other instances of similar schemes and people were convinced to pay some amount for trips they never enjoyed or lifetime free Country Club cards in the name of Total Mall, Garuda Mall lucky draw etc.

I suspect that Total Mall has leaked my information to third party and they in turn are arranging all these stunts on unsuspecting people. This is exposure of confidential information without consent and definitely punishable under law.

Next time you reveal your details in a shopping mall please think twice. However glamorous they may look it’s all about business without any value.