Sync videos to iPod on Ubuntu


The only gadget which I had to render kaput years ago when I decided to move on solely with Ubuntu was my 120 GB iPod Classic. I have realized now the iPod was a bad investment 😉 but I couldn’t give it away either. At that time I did not find a reliable way to transfer my files from my laptop to iPod on Ubuntu or for that matter, Linux. After some months I searched and found that I could transfer only audio files but not video. It was not until recently I tried once again to find a solution to transfer videos when my wife asked me to load some movies in the iPod for her to watch from time to time. Luckily, I have found a solution now.

I tried with Banshee on Ubuntu 12.04 and I could transfer videos to the iPod. As I was afraid of accidentally deleting the already existing videos on the device I synced only the Unwatched videos from my library and they were synced fine. I could play them from the video playlist and could delete them from the device as well. Though I could not find the already existing videos in the iPod from Banshee I could browse and play them in the iPod just fine.

As far as I remember the iTunes installer was around a 80 MB garbage when I last used it on Windows. Thanks to Banshee I have a much simpler solution now which does let me access the iPod as a mounted storage device in parallel!

Update: I could sync a 1st gen 512MB ipod shuffle using Banshee as well. The additional step required was to fix the playlists using script that comes with rebuild_db package. I had to run the following as root:

# mkdir t
# mount /dev/sdb1 t //sdb1 is my ipod. being root is necessary
# cp t/
# chmod +x t/ //make sure sdb1 is not mounted by any user
# t/

That’s it!