ShareDrop: HTML5 Apple AirDrop clone

Our last article was on lancat but today we found an online service way cooler than lancat. We are talking of ShareDrop, an online service which discovers others users in a LAN using it and allows simple drag and drop file transfers between them through a cool interface. Continue reading ShareDrop: HTML5 Apple AirDrop clone

lancat: zero-effort LAN file transfer

transfer_complancat is a P2P LAN file transfer tool that works with zero configuration. Yes, it resembles the popular network tool netcat by name and is much simpler to use for transfers. The main advantage of lancat is remembering IP address is not necessary. The syntax is also very easy to remember. Continue reading lancat: zero-effort LAN file transfer

TeraShare: share files over BitTorrent

transfer_compTeraShare is a new service that makes sharing large files with your friends over the internet super-easy. It connects your system directly with the receiver system and intelligently shares the file in chunks. As in BitTorrent, clients receive parts of the file from different peers. TeraShare uses the libtorrent library internally. Continue reading TeraShare: share files over BitTorrent

NitroShare: cross OS LAN file sharing

nitroshare_compUploading huge files to share them with others is a pain. You can share a directory but how long do you need to keep the share alive? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could share files seamlessly between computers running different operating systems in a LAN using a single client? NitroShare makes it possible.


  • Automatic discovery of devices on the local network
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Drag and drop to transfer files
  • Transfer entire directories
  • Completely free and open-source
  • Application indicator in the system tray
  • Runs on Linux / Windows / Mac OS X (written in Qt)


Get the installer for your operating system and architecture from the project page (linked below).

Ubuntu has a dependency which should be installed using:

$ sudo apt-get install libqxmlrpc1

Webpage: NitroShare

Similar software

Share huge files from the terminal 2

transfer_compThis is the follow-up to the earlier article with the same name. Here are some more services to upload files directly from the console:

wsend is the opposite of wget. Once an upload is complete, it will give you a link to the file.

To install wsend:

wget -O - | bash
alias wsend="~/.wsend/wsend"
chmod +x wsend

To upload a file:

./wsend file.txt

No registration or installation needed. To upload:

$ curl -T path/to/file will return the path to the file as payload it will show in the terminal.

Send any text file from anywhere to the service and it will send you back the link to the text. Particularly useful for debugging.

To send the text file:

$ cat test.txt |curl -F 'paste=<-'
$ df -h |curl -F 'paste=<-'

Share huge files from the terminal

transfer_compThere are many web services to share large files. We explored some of those is an earlier article. Here are some services those allow uploading files from the terminal. Both of them use curl to upload.

  • Drag any file to the website and get the link in return.
  • Upload large files.
  • Create an alias in .bashrc to upload files
    transfer() { curl --upload-file ./$1$1; }
    alias transfer=transfer

    Upload a file using

    $ transfer hello.txt
  • Files can be download maximum 20 times to prevent abuse.
  • Link remains live for 2 weeks.

The major drawback of is that you need to open the browser to get a link for file upload.

  • Share files either encrypted or non-encrypted.
  • Uses gpg for encryption.
  • You need to open the website to generate the command to upload. This is necessary because the unique key is generated beforehand and there is no dedicated client side software. Paste the file path in the text box and the console below will show the generated command. Works for both secure and insecure mode.
  • Maximum file size is 5 GB and is deleted in 4 hours.

plowshare: auto-download from hosting sites

cool_penguin_smallDo you download from or upload to file hosting sites (or file sharing sites) like rapidshare, mediafire etc. regularly? plowshare might be the right tool for you to automate the process. plowshare doesn’t have any GUI. You can use it just like wget. Features:

  • Download, upload, manage remote directories, link deletion, probe a file to get information.
  • supports 70+ different hosters. Check the README for supported sites as well as how to begin using plowshare.
  • A small footprint (few shell scripts). No java, no python! Run fast on embedded devices!
  • Few dependencies and portable. bash and curl are enough for most hosters.
  • Modules (hoster plugins) are simple to write using plowshare API.
  • Support for automatic online captcha solver services.
  • Supports Linux/BSD/Unix.

Run the following commands to install plowshare on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:plowsharepackagers/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install plowshare

Usage examples:

  • Download a file
    $ plowdown URL
  • Upload a file to a website where you have account
    $ plowup mediafire filename
  • List contents of a remote directory
    $ plowlist URL
  • Check file information like name, size, checksum etc.
    $ plowprobe URL

Webpage: plowshare

Kontalk: WhatsApp alternative with encryption

kontalk_compWhile WhatsApp might be the talk of the day, many users on Google Play do complain about taking pictures without permission or automatic shared file downloads. Obviously FB doesn’t bother about your privacy. However, there is another open source free Android app that does and offers you more peace of mind, Kontalk. Capabilities:

  • Even in server-to-client communication, your phone number is irreversibly encrypted, so Kontalk can’t possibly know your phone number (it is used only for sending you the verification code, than it will be discarded)
  • Messages and data are encrypted
  • Hide your presence
  • Kontalk brings to you the reliability of a distributed network of servers and the safety of cryptography
  • What’s more, you can even setup your own messaging server with Kontalk
  • Send and receive messages for free with other Kontalk users (carrier fees for Internet traffic may apply)
  • Kontalk uses your phone number to identify yourself and automatically adds other Kontalk users you can talk with by looking in your contact list
  • You can send any text messages and image (other media types coming soon)
  • Multiple devices support: every incoming message will be sent to all registered devices
  • Shared files are not downloaded to your device automatically
  • Open source

Kontalk is still under heavy development. It has a few glitches and needs more finesse in some areas. In case of India it sends a Cell Broadcast message with the verification code (more information here). So you may have to allow CB messages from the settings of your Messaging app to receive the message.

On Google Play: kontalk

[Courtesy: Jester Raiin]

pCloud: cloud storage with cool features

pcloud_compUpdate: Free pCloud account can now reach 30GB. The Linux client is fully functional.

pCloud doesn’t strike as any outstanding service when you take a quick look at the description: another relatively new cloud storage service that offers up to 20GB free space in the cloud. Who would even bother checking out the homepage? People are talking in TBs nowadays. However, when I created an account to check it out I found it interesting, specially two features which are not yet very common in the cloud storage arena but will be welcome by Chromebook or tablet users.


  • You can download any file directly to pCloud bypassing your local machine. In other words you can upload links
  • Non pCloud users an upload files to your pCloud shared upload space
  • Extract archives in the cloud
  • 10GB initially with 20GB through invitations, get started tasks etc.
  • No speed or file size limits
  • Stream media files and mark your music folders as favourite for a quick access
  • Backup FB, Picasa, Instagram photos directly
  • Sharing with friends
  • Easy sign up and instant login
  • Clients for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS


  • 20GB is not even remotely catchy. Now the free space limit is 30GB. Might appear less to many.

Webpage: pCloud