notepadIt’s been a while we visited, a fast web service to jot down your notes or memos or todos and password protect them, or to share info between different systems. No accounts, no logins, no attachments. However, the developer put down a service end notice in Dec 2015. Though it’s still running, the notice is still there and we started looking for some alternatives. Continue reading alternatives

Writebox: in-browser text editor

writeboxFrequently we need a simple text editor without too many bells and whistles to take quick notes. I use most of the time. Today I found another similar editor which works as an extension to Google Chrome – Writebox. The objective remains the same but it has more customization options.

Features include:

  • Ability to sync to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Distraction free writing environment.
  • Some useful keyboard shortcuts (still experimental).
  • Can open text files from the local machine and download as plain text or html.
  • Minimal yet smart look and feel.
  • Change colours, fonts or even use fonts of your choice.
  • Change pixel width of the writing area.
  • And with this tweak, you can always access it from the dash so that you do not have to have a separate text editor installed.

Webpage: Writebox quick and permanent notes on the cloud

notepadMany a time it happens that you need to take quick notes or save some links that you will access shortly, from another system. If the data is not very sensitive there is a quick way of taking notes and accessing them from anywhere – You can password protect the note as well. By default this sites generates a random URL for you at which your notes will be saved. For example, I created this new note for a demonstration. But the power of this cloud-based application lies elsewhere, it allows you to create your own note URLs if it is still available! So use something that you can remember easily, e.g., (it is available right now ;))! If you are like me and still afraid of forgetting the link add it as a bookmark in your browser or mail it to yourself to use the same link as long as you like. You can share your password protected note with anyone using the share button and it will still be safe as sharing only provides read-only access.

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