Crackq: crack PDF passwords

pdfWe explored a few options to crack PDF password on Linux in an earlier article. Crackq is a new open source python utility from Hashcrack to do the same. Only in this case the utility sends the block containing the encryption information to Hashcrask server and uses GPU-accelerated brute force against a massive dictionary of 6.3GB to crack the PDF. Continue reading Crackq: crack PDF passwords

Crack PDF password on Ubuntu

pdfI was looking for some tools to crack or remove PDF passwords from an encrypted PDF file today. I googled for sometime and came across some native tools on Ubuntu as well as online websites which can be of help.

To start with, a brief on PDF passwords:

  • User password – doesn’t let you view the file.
  • Owner password – you can view the file but cannot print, copy contents etc.

The tools and site I found useful are:

  • PDFCrack: uses a brute force approach to find the passwords. Quite flexible. Available in the default repos. To install on Ubuntu:
    $ sudo apt-get install pdfcrack
  • PDFtk: lets you create a decrypted version of the file if you provide the password. Available in synaptic. To install on Ubuntu:
    $ sudo apt-get install pdftk
  • Witwall – similar functionality as PDFtk, but online. No need to install anything.