Radio Tray: online radio streaming player

For online radio lovers, one choice on Ubuntu is Radio Tray – a tiny application that plays from the panel. It uses gstreamer for the plugins to support various streaming formats. Memory usage is low. Capable of showing desktop notifications on song change. Has a sleep timer as well. Audio quality is very good. But its dependencies are a huge issue. The second time I tried to install it on my laptop I had a real hard time finding out which library was missing. Won’t recommend it for newbies.

Comes with a few default radio stations. Some of the stations I added:

  • Washington Bangla:
  • Shoutcast Ghazals:
  • Ghazal Radio:
  • My Bangla Gaan:
  • RadioNRI:

To install Radio Tray on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install radiotray

Update: Found another exotic way to play online radio channels. Simply open the link in Firefox and open with “Enque in SMPlayer” action. No doubt, this is much better that Radio Tray which can be a pain in the rear if you do not have the correct gstreamer plugins installed already.

Webpage: Radio Tray