how2heap: learn heap exploitation

hacker_compMany of the deadliest hacks and malware use stack and heap exploitation techniques to gain privileged access to a computer or destroy everything on the disk. If you are a budding white hat hacker or the developer of an industry-grade software, you must learn how they work and the techniques to counter those issues. how2heap is a collection of C programs which explain the working principles behind heap attacks. Continue reading how2heap: learn heap exploitation

TalentBuddy: solve programming challenges in 14+ languages

TalentBuddy is an online service to try your programming skills. It has a collection of practice problems that can be solved in any of 14+ programming languages. While it’s fun solving the problems if you are good at programming, TalentBuddy also has some courses to learn web development from established mentors. There are two categories – Beginner and Expert. If you are a strong web developer yourself, you can also apply for teaching. The mode of teaching is over the internet through video lectures. The duration is 15hours per week for 3 months.

Webpage: TalentBuddy

The Eudyptula Challenge (and more)

tux_compThe Eudyptula Challenge is a series of programming challenges to teach the process of Linux kernel development. The challenges are ordered in terms of increasing complexity starting with a very basic “Hello World” kernel module and gradually moving on to getting a patch accepted in the mainline kernel. It is created by an anonymous hacker who goes by the name of Little Penguin.

To join the challenge, you need to send an email to little at in plain-text format. HTML formatted emails will be rejected just as it happens in the Linux kernel mailing list. An email client like mutt or Sylpheed is ideal for the job. New joiners will get an email with the first challenge and the details on how the challenge is run. There aren’t any rules for participating. However, the creator warns against taking any help from outside or posting answers online as the participants are expected to solve the challenges themselves.

Basic understanding of C is the only qualification to join the challenge. No earlier experience in Linux kernel programming is necessary. The main objective of the program is to bring up new kernel developers.

Similar challenge

Project Euler: Learn programming through mathematical challenges. It is a growing list of challenges with new ones getting added periodically.

Webpage: The Eudyptula Challenge