Zathura: tiny PDF viewer


Zathura is a PDF viewer belonging to the same category as MuPDF. It uses vim-like keybinds and is a delight for vim-addicts. However, late-introduced (and modern) vim keybinds like arrow keys page keys etc. work fine with Zathura, making it easier to get accustomed to for regular users. If you don’t like the defaults, many settings can be configured. Font rendering in Zathura seems better than evince, though they use the same poppler library. Continue reading Zathura: tiny PDF viewer

MuPDF: pdf viewer with vim-like keybinds

pdfThough Adobe has no 64-bit version of it’s PDF viewer for Linux, there are many alternatives. Even modern browsers come with in-built PDF viewers. However, most of them lack in features. Native viewers like evince do not render PDFs with the same quality as Adobe’s viewer and are slow. Continue reading MuPDF: pdf viewer with vim-like keybinds