Polari IRC client integrates Gnome Pastebin

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a highly popular medium of communication among open source devs. There are numerous IRC clients available and my personal favourite is Pidgin IRC plugin. Gnome has its own IRC client, Polari (aka “It’s Yoghurt. It’s French”), for a while now. Polari got an important update in Gnome 3.18.1, the ability to paste directly into Gnome’s home grown pastebin service. Continue reading Polari IRC client integrates Gnome Pastebin

Send text to GitHub Gist from terminal

cool_penguin_smallGitHub Gist is a place to store all your code snippets and notes for easy showcasing or sharing. The service has many official and unofficial clients to post of fetch text. We found a new shell script based client that allows sending text right from the terminal.

The gist script (gist.sh) allows you to post test as a registered user or anonymously. You can send text files or text. When you run the command it returns you the URL of the new gist created.


-f Specify a filename of an existing file to send as a gist.
-n Specify the name of a gist you'd like to create (must be used in conjunction with -c)
-c Specify the text of the gist you'd like to create (must be used in conjunction with -n)
-u Specify the user (default is anonymous)
-p Specify the creation of a private (aka "secret") gist. The default is public


Create a gist from a file with a username:

$ gist.sh -u exampleuser -f test.txt

Create an anonymous gist with a name from a text string:

$ gist.sh -n test -c "This is a test\nPlease ignore"
//Note that newlines need the \n character.

To get the utility, download the repository. Extract and use the gist.sh script. It uses curl to send your text to the Gist service.

Webpage: gist.sh

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notepad.cc: quick and permanent notes on the cloud

notepadMany a time it happens that you need to take quick notes or save some links that you will access shortly, from another system. If the data is not very sensitive there is a quick way of taking notes and accessing them from anywhere – notepad.cc. You can password protect the note as well. By default this sites generates a random URL for you at which your notes will be saved. For example, I created this new note for a demonstration. But the power of this cloud-based application lies elsewhere, it allows you to create your own note URLs if it is still available! So use something that you can remember easily, e.g., http://notepad.cc/bookitnow (it is available right now ;))! If you are like me and still afraid of forgetting the link add it as a bookmark in your browser or mail it to yourself to use the same link as long as you like. You can share your password protected note with anyone using the share button and it will still be safe as sharing only provides read-only access.

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Webpage: notepad.cc