Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

compress_compWould you like to see a single package running on any Linux device, irrespective of the distribution? Seems like the long wait for a universal package format is finally going to end. There has been several attempts in the recent past (e.g., ORB & Superdeb, AppImage and more) to achieve this but snaps has emerged the winner. Continue reading Snaps would run on ‘any’ distro

Open source and open nuisance

coffee_compIt’s more than 15 years I am in touch with open source. I had been working on Linux most of my career and I have seen open source thrive and take the place it has today. Off late, a trend that disturbs me is the growing culture of harsh and derogatory discussions in the name of code reviews and technical standoffs. Continue reading Open source and open nuisance

Measure ‘complexity’ of C programs

hacker_compComplexity is a GNU utility to calculate the complexity of a C program. It’s similar to the McCabe scoring (ref tool: pmccabe) with extra considerations on the scoring scheme. Complexity can be used as a means to analyze a C program and detect areas to improve or simplify or the amount of effort required to understand a piece of code. Complexity is written in C. Continue reading Measure ‘complexity’ of C programs

LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands


Collabora and ownCloud are well-known names in the open source world. Together they have come up with a VM that runs LibreOffice on ownCloud server. This essentially means you can view and edit presentations, spreadsheets and documents directly on ownCloud. Continue reading LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands

Alternative thoughts on “open source” software from Microsoft

cool_penguin_smallProbably all of the Linux and open source related magazines have a common article today: Microsoft open sources Visual Studio Code. Many of them have omitted the “Code” part of it making the serious mistake of misleading users to think Microsoft’s Visual Studio source code is open now. It’s not. Continue reading Alternative thoughts on “open source” software from Microsoft

France votes for open source, Govt. not keen

opensource_compAfter India, it seems the French are the next in queue favouring open source for the government administrative offices. The results of a public consultation on France’s Digital Republic bill came out after 20 days of public voting and debate. 147,710 votes were cast, 8501 proposals received and 21,330 participants were engaged. Continue reading France votes for open source, Govt. not keen