LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands


Collabora and ownCloud are well-known names in the open source world. Together they have come up with a VM that runs LibreOffice on ownCloud server. This essentially means you can view and edit presentations, spreadsheets and documents directly on ownCloud. Continue reading LibreOffice, ownCloud join hands

overGrive: Google Drive desktop client

We explored Grive along with other options to access Google Drive on Linux in an earlier article. However, none of these have a level of experience provided by Dropbox. A new Google Drive client, overGrive, claims to be a complete native solution. Continue reading overGrive: Google Drive desktop client

OnlyOffice: self-hosted office

OnlyOffice is a combination of the quality formatting in MS Office with the flexibility of Google Drive. It is a collaborative office solution that can be used directly from the web browser. While the business strategy is a commercial one there is a free version for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. OnlyOffice suite is freely available (as open source) for download if you are willing to host it yourself.

Security features include AES 256 file encryption, SSL connection, 2-Step verification. Both automatic and manual backup are supported.

The Suite

  • Document Management: share version controlled docs with team and external users
  • Online Document editors: edit documents, spreadsheets, presentations
  • Project Management: take control of projects with wide range of task and time management options
  • Gantt Chart: visualize progress
  • CRM & Invoicing
  • Mail Aggregator
  • Calendar and Instant Messenger


OnlyOffice Linux version depends on mono, MySQL and nginx. Besides Linux, packages for Docker and Windows are also available. Download OnlyOffice self-hosted version packages and follow the installation instructions linked in the page.

Once installed, visit http://localhost.

Webpage: OnlyOffice

Use LibreOffice online

libreoffice_compLibreOffice, a complete open source office suite, is the latest addition to rollApp, a service that lets you run many popular applications online using a browser. Following are the links:

rollApp is a very useful service for devices like Chromebooks or users who rely heavily on online services. Click on “Launch online” and register quickly on rollApp using any of your existing accounts to use the applications. As of now rollApp can connect and store your documents on Dropbox, Google Drive (former Google Docs), Box and 4shared.