iPXE: open source PXE alternative

PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) is an Intel specification to boot from the network after BIOS POST. It comes embedded in the firmware of network cards in most desktop/server class devices available in the market today. When booted in the network mode, PXE code executes and sends out a DHCP request packet. The DHCP server in the LAN responds and the device gets an IP. The DHCP (or ProxyDHCP) also points at the next server from where the device can download the next boot file over TFTP. Continue reading iPXE: open source PXE alternative

Crackq: crack PDF passwords

pdfWe explored a few options to crack PDF password on Linux in an earlier article. Crackq is a new open source python utility from Hashcrack to do the same. Only in this case the utility sends the block containing the encryption information to Hashcrask server and uses GPU-accelerated brute force against a massive dictionary of 6.3GB to crack the PDF. Continue reading Crackq: crack PDF passwords

Fern: crack WiFi in minutes!

Fern is a tool to discover weaknesses in a network. It uses aircrack-ng behind the scenes to achieve this. The best feature of Fern is its excellent GUI written in Python-Qt4. For those who don’t want to get into the cmdline options of complex tools like aircrack-ng, Fern is Godsent. Continue reading Fern: crack WiFi in minutes!

masscan: scan the internet in 5 minutes!

p2p_network_compA very common utility to scan open ports in a network is nmap. However, it uses synchronous SYN packets for data transmission and performs slowly. What if you want to scan a network with thousands of devices? masscan is a utility to scan the whole internet in less than 5 minutes! Continue reading masscan: scan the internet in 5 minutes!

vpnbook: access from Ubuntu

anonymousWe explored how to use FrootVPN earlier and vpnbook isn’t much difference. You don’t need to create a user account with vpnbook and it’s 100% free. Servers are available in Europe as well as US. To use the service, visit vpnbook and click on the tab openvpn. Note down the username and password. Download any of the bundles. Continue reading vpnbook: access from Ubuntu

tor + privoxy: anonymous browsing on Ubuntu

tor_compWhile the tor-browser (a firefox mod) uses the Tor network for anonymity by default, you can also configure your favourite browser or stock Firefox to use the Tor network. The tor network is a bandwidth sharing network with advanced algorithms to route your data anonymously. Continue reading tor + privoxy: anonymous browsing on Ubuntu

lancat: zero-effort LAN file transfer

transfer_complancat is a P2P LAN file transfer tool that works with zero configuration. Yes, it resembles the popular network tool netcat by name and is much simpler to use for transfers. The main advantage of lancat is remembering IP address is not necessary. The syntax is also very easy to remember. Continue reading lancat: zero-effort LAN file transfer