Latest Nemo file browser available on Raring

nautilus_compI was updating my packages today when I found that the latest version of Nemo is available in synaptic suggestions. I am really fond of this default file browser from Linux Mint as it is pretty fast and provides option to use either decimal/binary prefixes for showing file sizes. I installed it immediately after experimenting a little on which packages are absolutely required for the minimal app to run.

To install Nemo, run:

$ sudo apt-get install nemo

It has many dependencies. I unmarked everything other than the following 3 packages:

  • nemo
  • nemo-data
  • libnemo-extension1

and the installation worked fine. Finally! I can get rid of the crap Nautilus file manager on Ubuntu with an appropriate alternative (Marlin/PCManFM are good but still need a lot of work).