Etcher: new image burner on the block


Etcher is a open source image burner developed by, a product to make development and deployment easier for singe-board devices like the Pi, Beaglebone or Intel Edison. To make deployment of project images on thee boards easier, the team wrote their own image burner for SD cards and USB. Etcher is an Electron app using JS and npm modules. Continue reading Etcher: new image burner on the block

LiLi: Linux USB creator on Windows

How about trying out Linux from USB for a change? Sounds tricky. It’s not a big deal with tools like LinuxLive USB Creator (LiLi) available on Windows. All it needs is an ISO of the Linux distro you wanna try and a USB pen drive. It’s similar to Unetbootin in functionality but the LiLi interface is much more attractive to say the least. It’s also easy to use for anyone. Features:

  • Many distros supported. Literally 100s of them!
  • No reboot required
  • Supported persistent space to save your work for selected distros
  • Wipe the USB
  • Can download ISOs and installs on USB
  • Automatic integrity check
  • Free and open source

Download LiLi from its website to use it. Portable versions are available.

Webpage: LiLi