Linux AIO: Ubuntu 15.10 available

Linux AIO is a project to package multiple flavours of a distribution in one ISO within a DVD size limit. Users can try each flavour live or install on their systems. In essence the difference lies mostly in the desktop environments. This is an invaluable source of distributions for distro hoppers. Note that there are issues, some of which are unresolved due to distro dependencies. However, for most of it, the stuff works. Continue reading Linux AIO: Ubuntu 15.10 available

Pinguy Builder: Remastersys revived for Ubuntu

If you are not aware of Remastersys, it was a utility to create live or installable CDs and USBs from a running system along with user data, used heavily to create custom spins from stock Linux distributions. The project was discontinued years back while it was still functional. Continue reading Pinguy Builder: Remastersys revived for Ubuntu

Apricity & Chalet: beautiful distros

It’s almost a year we explored some beautiful Linux distributions. The world of distros spin fast and Elementary doesn’t hold the top spot any more. Let’s explore two relatively newer beautiful distros you would love to grab and test. Not only are they beautiful, they come with the latest and best features and software from Linuxland (and minimal hardware requirements). Read on! Continue reading Apricity & Chalet: beautiful distros

Grab openSUSE Leap milestone 1

suse_compLeap 42.1 is an under-development openSUSE flavour cooked from the SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) source code. If you haven’t heard already, this is not the only flavour for openSUSE going forward. Tumbleweed complements Leap. Tumbleweed is about bleeding edge while Leap is about stability. Continue reading Grab openSUSE Leap milestone 1