Arch Linux Anywhere: Arch install for mortals


The first time I tried to install Arch I had to go through a lot of cmdline stuff. I moved to Manjaro quickly because I didn’t want to go through the ordeal again (in case I goofed up my system while experimenting). I would say Arch install is not for the newbie or the novice. However, Arch is a great distro and the installation should be much simpler. Enter arch-linux-anywhere, an excellent time saver. Because you don’t want to learn the internals of Arch installation. Continue reading Arch Linux Anywhere: Arch install for mortals

Unsure about Ubuntu 16.04? Try Voyager Linux

Voyager desktop

After using Ubuntu 14.04 with LXDE for 2 years, I decided to upgrade my heavily customized installation to Ubuntu 16.04. 16.04 is an LTS release with bleeding edge software. However, soon I realized that I need to spend a considerable amount of time on customization to make Unity meet my preferences. I backed up everything important and started searching for a distro which will suit my needs. LXDE is great for speed but this time I was craving for some visual topping. Continue reading Unsure about Ubuntu 16.04? Try Voyager Linux

Manjaro LXQt 2016.03 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


Since my last experiments with KaOS, I had been looking forward to try another distro. Being a long-time user of LXDE, I picked up Manjaro LXQt. LXDE development has almost stopped and LXQt is indeed the way forward. Having it the Arch way would be exciting, I thought. Continue reading Manjaro LXQt 2016.03 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

tuxtrans: Lost in Translation?


tuxtrans is an Ubuntu based distro developed specifically for translators and linguists in mind. It’s a nice pick for those who deal with different languages or multilingual text everyday and don’t have the time to search the tools they need. From machine translation to subtitling to text analysis, tuxtrans covers you with tons of free software those run out of the box. Continue reading tuxtrans: Lost in Translation?

Got a distro to install? Try Calamares!


Calamares is an independent OS installer for Linux distributions. It comes in handy when you have a distro but no installer. The power of Calamares is in its modular design which can be extended with custom modules. Branding is quite simple too! For OS maintainers, Calamares is a free and beautiful option as an installer. Continue reading Got a distro to install? Try Calamares!

Infinality font rendering on KaOS


(Open image in new tab, save and view in full resolution)

My adventures with KaOS 2016.01 continue. In fact I am spending more of my laptop time with KaOS than Ubuntu. I was missing Infinality font rendering so I gave it a shot. There are no official Infinality packages for KaOS so we need a few hacks to install the necessary packages and customize. The same tricks should apply to Arch based distros with KDE as well. Continue reading Infinality font rendering on KaOS

KaOS 2016.01 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


My earlier adventure with Deepin remained largely disappointing. Now that I have a free 20GB partition to install another OS, I chose KaOS. It’s not a bad idea to have KDE as an alternative desktop environment. I grabbed the latest KaOS version available (2016.01).

Continue reading KaOS 2016.01 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

Deepin 15 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI


Since I ran a quick test-drive of Linux Deepin 15 on VirtualBox, I had been longing to install it on hardware. I already have a highly customized Ubuntu 14.04 with LXDE running and I didn’t want to disturb it. So I went ahead with a dual boot setup. Here’s a chronicle of my tinkering. Continue reading Deepin 15 & Ubuntu 14.04 on UEFI

Remix OS: Android on PC


If you are an Android fan, at some point or other you might have wondered – how would the experience of running the same OS on the desktop be? Of course, projects like Shashlik are trying to bring Android apps to the desktop. However, a complete desktop-friendly Android opens a completely new set of possibilities for the desktop PC. Remix OS is an Android derivative OS based on the Android-x86 project. Continue reading Remix OS: Android on PC