Linux binary editors and file diff viewers

Systems programmers need a hex editor frequently. Here are some options:

  1. A file can be viewed/edited in hex mode from vi using the :%!xxd and :%!xxd -r combination but it is not too strong and needs careful editing.
  2. An efficient and easy to use cmdline tool for editing files in hex mode is ncurses-hexedit which is available in Synaptic package manager on Ubuntu. The editor has many options like search, go to location, insert, delete bytes etc. which are more than enough for regular usage. After installing the package, run:
    $ hexeditor filename
  3. hexedit
  4. lfhex
  5. le
  6. hexcurse
  7. wxHex Editor has a GUI and is multiplatform. It can support massive files.
If you are looking for a hex file compare utility cum editor:
  1. VBinDiff: can compare and edit files.
  2. dhex: only diff viewer.
  3. cmp: options.
  4. xdelta