The cli or the gui?

coffee_compRecently I read about a fun experiment – 30 days in a terminal challenge that ended in 10 days. While it might sound a geeky affair, I failed to understand why anyone with a rational mind would want to seclude himself in the terminal even for a single day. Our regular readers might be surprised with the statement. I’ll explain my stand in the rest of the article. Continue reading The cli or the gui?

Linux for developers

tux_compThis piece must read a bit biased. Professionally I’ve been into full-fledged development on Windows for a few projects but I’m using Linux for more than a decade and I favour it to proprietary operating systems. There’s a reason Linux is known as the hackers’ OS (besides the fact it’s also the most hackable OS). This article is to explore the benefits of using Linux as a developer on a reference distro like Fedora or Ubuntu or openSUSE. Continue reading Linux for developers

Open source and open nuisance

coffee_compIt’s more than 15 years I am in touch with open source. I had been working on Linux most of my career and I have seen open source thrive and take the place it has today. Off late, a trend that disturbs me is the growing culture of harsh and derogatory discussions in the name of code reviews and technical standoffs. Continue reading Open source and open nuisance

Alternative thoughts on “open source” software from Microsoft

cool_penguin_smallProbably all of the Linux and open source related magazines have a common article today: Microsoft open sources Visual Studio Code. Many of them have omitted the “Code” part of it making the serious mistake of misleading users to think Microsoft’s Visual Studio source code is open now. It’s not. Continue reading Alternative thoughts on “open source” software from Microsoft

Cloud based password managers can’t be secure

emailWe are living in the age of online or cloud services. There are thousands of them doing interesting stuff. Recently I came across some websites to store passwords and other secure information. I am alarmed. While it may seem like a good idea that you can access your secrets from anywhere behind a secure service, there are extreme risks. Continue reading Cloud based password managers can’t be secure