imgd: multiprocessing image resizer and rotator

cool_penguin_smallNautilus Image Converter is a popular extension among Ubuntu users to batch resize and rotate images. While it’s handy, it’s tied to the Nautilus file manager and is not available for users who use other flavours of Ubuntu e.g. Xubuntu or Lubuntu. imgd (read imaged) is a multiprocessing command-line alternative written in Python3. It uses the PIL (Pillow) library and has many more additional features. Continue reading imgd: multiprocessing image resizer and rotator

exif: image exif data on Ubuntu

image_editor_compWe explored exiftool, a perl utility to view and edit image metadata, in an earlier article. However, it’s bulky and a lighter alternative sounds good. So we looked up exif, a very tiny utility that can read exif metadata and has limited editing capabilities. Continue reading exif: image exif data on Ubuntu

Hugin: turn your photos into panoramas

hugin_compHugin is a imaging utility than can stitch images into panoramas. In short, you can join overlapping pictures into one. But Hugin supports a lot of fine-grained powerful operations, more than what meets the eye! Here are some of those:

  • Stitching multi-row photos together
  • Simulating an architectural projection
  • Stitching photos from different lenses
  • Stitching flat scanned images
  • Stitching murals-mosaic mode
  • Perspective correction
  • Simple lens calibration
  • Using blend masks
  • Stitching auto-exposed panoramas
  • Surveying buildings
  • And many more…

Hugin is multiplatform, free and open source.

Webpage: Hugin

For those who love to play with pixels

image_editor_compIf you are one of those people  who likes to edit the images and fond of open source software, you have a number of alternatives available. With GIMP being the most well known in the community, there are other options also available like:

  • Darktable
  • digiKam
  • fotoxx
  • f-spot
  • photivo
  • rawStudio
  • RawTherapee
  • Shotwell
  • UFRaw
  • Blender (3D content)
  • PaintSupreme (commercial but cheap and worth checking out)

Online photo editors or digital art:

  • Pixlr (has Chrome webapp)
  • iPiccy
  • PicMonkey
  • SumoPaint
  • Kleki

To view high-res images in the browser without scrolling or zoom only specific portion of an image, try