Detect if AHCI is ON in BIOS from Linux

diskI posted this question in LKML but didn’t get any reply for sometime before I could figure it out. I could see that ATA driver has API-s to get AHCI status at the kernel level but couldn’t find anything that would give the status at user level. One of my friends helped out with this and here’s the way to get it:

# grep -inr ahci /proc/interrupts
11: 43:      64247       2154   PCI-MSI-edge      ahci

Jupiter: power & hw control applet

jupiterUPDATE: Jupiter is not maintained anymore. Check out TLP.

I came across a tiny applet for Linux recently – Jupiter. It allows you to use the system in different power saving modes. Plus it allows you to control some hardware like bluetooth, wireless, touchpad, screen resolution and orientation as well as display devices. I could never turn off my bluetooth LED on startup since I removed all the bluetooth related packages from Synaptic but this software could turn off the bluetooth LED without any additional package installed. It’s real handy and consumes very less memory (I couldn’t find it in top list for quite some time). You can use Power Saving mode for most of the day to day activities. In Power Saving mode my CPU temperature shows around 52° C.

Webpage: Jupiter