Linux: God's workstation is one!

tux_compA long journey for freedom of information and a collaborative community without walls, Linux is 20+ in age now. The omnipresent open-source operating system which can even be made to work on a future device with lesser effort than any other of its kind has proved that technology needs to be more open than controlled and hidden and overpriced.

Android running on the Linux kernel is the most used smartphone on earth right now and comes at a lesser cost than any other comparable device on proprietary platforms (you can have an Android smartphone at $130… what beats?). If iPhone says – “God probably has one”, Linux can definitely say – “God’s workstation is one”. At least I haven’t heard any news of God reaching down to Microsoft or Apple customer support yet. He must have downloaded a Linux distro and been using it ever since modifying it to his own needs.

Wish Linux all the best and huge growth in coming years as well. Playing with it since school and today it’s my means of earning daily bread and butter ;).

A good article on the history and relevance of Linux can be found here.