Unison: multi-OS data sync


Unison solves a very common problem: keep data between two operating systems (or disks) at sync when both the copies are being updated. It is a multi-platform file synchronization utility with some unique features from multiple categories of solutions like configuration management packages, distributed file-systems, unidirectional mirroring utilities and other synchronization software. Continue reading Unison: multi-OS data sync

FreeFileSync: synchronize files and directories

I am a little paranoid about losing my data. I keep multiple backups of lesser sensitive data in different cloud storage services. For sensitive data the strategy is to store them mirrored in external storage. However, it is impossible to keep track of thousands of files on different disks. Once in a while I use FreeFileSync to help me detect any difference in data on my external disks. FreeFileSync is a very powerful open source utility with an array of industry standard features:

  • Detect moved and renamed files and folders
  • Copy locked files (Volume Shadow Copy Service)
  • Detect conflicts and propagate deletions
  • Binary file comparison
  • Configure handling of Symbolic Links
  • Automate sync as a batch job
  • Process multiple folder pairs
  • Comprehensive and detailed error reporting
  • Copy NTFS extended attributes (compressed, encrypted, sparse)
  • Copy NTFS security permissions
  • Support long file paths with more than 260 characters
  • Fail-safe file copy
  • Expand environment variables like %UserProfile%
  • Access variable drive letters by volume name (USB sticks)
  • Native 64-bit support
  • Keep versions of deleted/updated files
  • Prevent disc space bottlenecks via optimal sync sequence
  • Full Unicode support
  • Highly optimized runtime performance
  • Include/exclude files via filter
  • FreeFileSync portable and local installation available
  • Handle daylight saving time changes on FAT/FAT32
  • Use macros %time%, %date%, et al. for recurring backups
  • Case-sensitive synchronization
  • Built-in locking: serialize multiple jobs running against the same network share
  • Multiplatform: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X


To install FreeFileSync on Ubuntu, download the packages from the downloads section.

Webpage: FreeFileSync