Symform: welcome to massivly distributed cloud storage

symform_compSymform is a new name among cloud storage services. But it’s more than just any cloud storage, it’s a distributed cloud storage. In addition to patented RAID-96™ P2P distributed storage technology, it also encrypts each block for extreme security and reliability. Users can virtually get as much cloud space they want by sharing excess local space on their devices and contributing to the distributed data storage network of Symform. Here come the goodies:

  • 10GB free to start with. Cloud storage grows by half the local storage you share. To share local storage on a device the device should have 80% uptime. You can tune the shared storage anytime.
  • Very fast because there is no central pipe, no bandwidth throttling, and no data volume limits.
  • Connect any directory on your system to the cloud, not just one root directory.
  • Reliable: requires 33 unrelated, unknown, and geographically disparate drives to fail at nearly the same time before a single block of data is lost. Symform adds 50% redundancy to all blocks before they are distributed globally throughout the network. To recover a block of data (part of a larger file) 64 of the 96 devices it is spread across need be available. When Symform sees that fragments are not available it automatically regenerates and redistributes them to other devices.
  • Files stored in fragments: a lot safer that storing an entire file in a single location in the cloud. Breaks each file into blocks and then shreds each block into 64 fragments, adding 32 parity fragments to each 64 for redundancy. Symform distributes those 96 pieces to 96 different devices on the fastest online backup network. This ensures that theoretically no one can reconstruct a single block of your files unless they get data from 63 others.
  • Security: uses patented RAID-96™ technology. It would need the right 64 people to first find each other, then “collude” to re-construct a single block of encrypted data. Just a single encrypted block! Then they would have to break the military-grade 256 AES encryption. Finally, they would have to repeat this process for each of the other blocks of the file with a new set of 64 people and a new key!
  • Parallel connections: uploads files over multiple concurrent connections to multiple locations for the fastest cloud backup.
  • Optimal bandwidth usage: uses bandwidth at the lowest priority. Uses more bandwidth only when network is idle.
  • Native clients for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and NAS devices.

Webpage: Symform