Disable busy cursor on Ubuntu

ubuntu_logo_81x81I wanted a faster file browser on Ubuntu and installed PCManFM. All of the files I tested opened instantly but I faced an irritating issue with SMPlayer – files play fine but I get a busy cursor (startup notifications) for around 15 seconds. To fix it, I tried the following:

Opened /usr/share/applications/smplayer.desktop in vi (there are two other files in the same location – smplayer_enqueue.desktop and mplayer.desktop, this procedure applies to all) and added the following line at the end of the file –


This fixed the issue. Can play my audio and video files without any problem now. To do the same for all apps where StartupNotify=true be default, run the following:

$ cd /usr/share/applications
$ sudo sed -i 's/StartupNotify=true/StartupNotiy=false/g' *.desktop