Lexicon: dictionary, anywhere


There is no lack of dictionaries if you are connected to the internet. Browser extensions make it easier to access meanings too. However, typically the process takes a while to fetch the information. Lexicon is a native Linux dictionary that makes the whole process very fast and doesn’t need any connectivity. Continue reading Lexicon: dictionary, anywhere

GoldenDict: many dictionaries in one

goldendict_compGoldenDict is a cool feature-rich GUI based dictionary that can search keywords from various sources (even arbitrary sites). It can also look up the audio files for pronunciation if any such source is configured. Features brief from main page:

  • Uses the Webkit engine to render pages accurately
  • Supports multiple dictionary formats like StarDict, Babylon, Dictd etc.
  • Supports Wikipedia and similar sites. You can also add arbitrary websites.
  • Plays sound via configured external program (like aplay or tplay)
  • Look up and listen to pronunciations
  • Word-stemming and spelling suggestions
  • Supports Unicode
  • Type in words without any accents, correct case, punctuation or spaces
  • Show pop-ups with translation for words selected in another application
  • Tabbed browsing with modern interface based on Qt4
  • Free and open source. Works on Linux, Windows and can be ported to other platforms

Webpage: GoldenDict

Artha: offline Linux thesaurus

Though there is no lack of online dictionaries, it doe help time and again to have one installed locally. I found the multiplatform Artha based on WordNet. It is pretty quick and can be invoked using keyboard shortcuts (which is handy as panel shortcut might have been disabled on Ubuntu due to latest Ubuntu policies). Features include:

  • Regular meaning and usage search with the vast WordNet database
  • Synonyms and antonyms
  • Derivatives, attribute relations
  • Similar words
  • Relative to sense mapping
  • On-the-fly search. Introduced in version 1.0.3.
  • Available in synaptic on Ubuntu
  • Pronunciation feature is in progress

Webpage: Artha