Degoo offers 100GB free cloud storage


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Degoo is a new cloud storage service offering 100GB free cloud storage. The service claims military grade data encryption and stores multiple copies of your data for redundancy in case of nodal failures. The free plan allows up to 2 synchronized devices. Continue reading Degoo offers 100GB free cloud storage

Android VTS: check vulnerabilities

android_compAndroid VTS is a security vulnerability checked app for Android. While Google patches to Nexus devices are regular for known security issues or CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures), the response time varies widely between OEMs to the extent of no patches at all. Continue reading Android VTS: check vulnerabilities

Learn (or use) Linux on Android

Do you want to learn Linux but not finding the time because of other priorities? If you own an Android smartphone you are in luck! Android uses the Linux kernel within and it is possible to run Linux utilities with a decent smartphone. In this article we will discuss some apps which can help you get going with Linux on Android. Continue reading Learn (or use) Linux on Android

QuickPic Gallery offers 5TB free

QuickPic is a well-integrated fast image viewer for Android. You can replace the stock Gallery app on Android with it. Recently QuickPic was acquired by Cheetah Mobile (developers of Clean Mobile and CM Browser apps). The app has introduced a free cloud storage service with a limit of 5TB. Continue reading QuickPic Gallery offers 5TB free

Truecaller, here’s a feature request!

Dear Truecaller Team,

Many users find Truecaller handy to track unknown numbers. Sometimes it is really useful. However, there are other ways of tracking down a number. In addition, if someone wants to remain untraced on purpose he can always call from a public phone booth. Continue reading Truecaller, here’s a feature request!