KeeWeb: KeePass compatible password manager


KeeWeb is a beautifully designed multi-platform app that works with KeePass database files. KeeWeb is written in electron and comes as a standalone desktop app or online/offline web apps. For this article we will concentrate on the desktop app. We have our reservations about cloud based password managers. Continue reading KeeWeb: KeePass compatible password manager

Freetype 2.7.0: major Linux font improvements

tux_compAnnouncing a huge improvement to the current status of font-rendering on Linux, developer Nikolaus Waxweiler has posted Freetype v2.7.0 will ship the new v40 TrueType instructions interpreter enabled by default. Linux users have long been barred from the best rendering available, thanks to some patents from Microsoft. However, the patents have expired now and this very very commonplace complaint is going to be addressed. Continue reading Freetype 2.7.0: major Linux font improvements

Ubuntu forums breached, again!

ubuntu_logo_81x81Ubuntu forums have been hacked, again. Details of 2 million users have been breached giving away usernames, email addresses and IP addresses. User passwords were not compromised. If you remember, this is a repetition of the massive hack in Jun 2013 giving away details to 1.82 million user accounts. Despite the measures being taken and the assurances, the incident is definitely going to hurt the popularity of the forum. Continue reading Ubuntu forums breached, again!

The cli or the gui?

coffee_compRecently I read about a fun experiment – 30 days in a terminal challenge that ended in 10 days. While it might sound a geeky affair, I failed to understand why anyone with a rational mind would want to seclude himself in the terminal even for a single day. Our regular readers might be surprised with the statement. I’ll explain my stand in the rest of the article. Continue reading The cli or the gui?

Tor privacy settings adoption on Firefox

firefoxRegular readers of TuxDiary might remember Panopticlick, an EFF effort to identify a browser uniquely using fingerprints. as we discussed earlier, Tor takes privacy to a higher level and makes it more difficult to track a browser. The good news is, Mozilla is working actively to bring Tor privacy settings to regular Firefox, sans additional plugins. Continue reading Tor privacy settings adoption on Firefox cmdline web OS with music

interface provides an enjoyable web experience in a command-line interface. For the unfamiliar, it brings cherry-picked goodies from the cmdline and presents it in a beautiful app-based and highly customizable interface. You can run searches, read news or have fun listening to fm radio or reading random jokes. Continue reading cmdline web OS with music