Red Dragon (2002): a great thriller

Red Dragon is one of the most entertaining movies I had watched during my graduation days. This is a serial killer themed movie having excellent actors like Anthony Hopkins, Edward Norton and Ralph Fiennes in the cast. If you like thrillers this movie is bound to keep you glued till the end. Everything works – the acting, the dialogues, the background music and the cinematography. Perhaps the best performance ever by Anthony Hopkins comparable only to that in The Elephant Man directed by David Lynch. I re-watched this movie after 8 years in Blu-ray and it still kept me tied to my chair throughout the movie.

Favourite character: Dr. Hannibal Lecter (played by Anthony Hopkins)

Favourite quotes:

“Before me, you rightly tremble. But, fear is not what you owe me. You owe me awe.” – Francis Dolarhyde

“You must be healed by now… on the outside at least, I hope you’re not too ugly. What a collection of scars you have. Never forget who gave you the best of them, and be grateful, our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real. We live in a primitive time, don’t we, Will? Neither savage nor wise. Half measures of the curse of it, any rational society will either kill me or put me to some use.” – Dr. Hannibal Lecter

“You will not persuade me with appeals to my intellectual vanity.” – Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Will Graham: You had… disadvantages.
Hannibal Lecter: What disadvantages?
Will Graham: You’re insane.

Fringe (2008-): becoming ridiculous with each new episode

The X-Files is my all-time favourite TV series when it comes to the Sci-Fi genre. I started watching Fringe as a more polished follow-up up of The X-Files. John Noble is excellent as Walter Bishop and he is the only one pulling this series through. But I am tired of Anna Torv’s stereotype acting and Joshua Jackson’s total lack of acting skills. The latest episode I watched (S4E16) recurred on a previous episode and it is ridiculous that there wasn’t a single instance where it seems that Peter already knows that he was in his own timeline all along. In addition we have no knowledge whether he told that to Olivia or not. S4E15 wasted so much time on love-related age old theories and the theme was stolen from the movie Perfume. And dialogs had been so predictable all along the series, specially from Broyles. The series is becoming a pain in the rear to watch and a waste of time.

I am considering moving over to Breaking Bad which seems consistently good from the reviews. I loved the latest episode from BBT (S5E21). It was humorous and the guest appearance by Stephen Hawking was awesome (and no, I am not Sheldon Cooper :D)!

Update: Deleted the whole Fringe collection and no more time, bandwidth and space wastage by downloading newer episodes.

Scorsese's film list

Found a list of select films from Martin Scorsese, the most accomplished director today. The “need to see to know anything about film” sounds a bit far-fetched and may be a publicity stunt but an excellent list without doubt.

Found quite a few I haven’t watched yet. So it’s going to be a good list of downloads after an intermediate break.

The Wire (2002–2008) [TV Series]


Recently completed watching The Wire. It is an excellent TV series about the lives of people centred around the drug dealings in Baltimore, Maryland. Acting is top-notch. Throws a close insight into many areas like police investigation, apartheid, legal and judicial systems, drug-dealing, politics etc. I gave it a 10/10 rating on IMDB (rating is 9.6 on IMDB). The storyline is packed. Loved the numbers “The Fall” by Blake Leyh and “Way Down in the Hole” by Steve Earle.

Favourite character: The Bunk (played by Wendell Pierce)

Favourite quotes:

“Liar… black liar”  – a homeless and unstable man in police interrogation room. (Watch here)
“It’s a thin line ‘tween heaven and here.” – Bubbles
“A man must have a code.” – Bunk
“Come at the king, you best not miss.” – Omar
“If I hear music, I’m gonna dance.” – Greggs
“Business. Always business.” – The Greek
“Conscience do cost.” – Butchie
“Love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an’ shit.” – Namond Brice
“No one wins. One side just loses more slowly.” – Prez
“You play in dirt, you get dirty.” – McNulty
“The Bigger the lie, the more they believe.” – Bunk
“Just ‘cause they’re in the street doesn’t mean that they lack opinions” – Haynes
[Find a list of all the opening quotes here.]

PS: The series is suitable strictly for 18+ audience only.