A journey with WordPress


From the original author of TuxDiary written on 11 Feb, 2012.

A brief introduction

I’m a software architect by profession with experience in Systems Software, Embedded Systems Software & Protocols on Linux. In addition to being professionally attached to Linux, I also contribute to various open source projects as and when I find time. GitHub is my favourite platform for collaborative development. Ubuntu is the right operating system for my needs and Vim is the only editor I can use productively.

I like world movies, chess and the colour azure. I also love classical music, watching the sunset and butterflies. Obsessed with the voice of Amy Lee (of Evanescence) and Ludovico Einaudi’s music. Got a strong penchant for efficiency and perfection along with a rapt attention to details.

Why TuxDiary?

Got tired of the chaos at the social networking sites and took refuge at WordPress. Loving it! Will be writing primarily on experiences, opinions, film reviews and a lot on Linux (particularly Ubuntu) and open source software. At a personal level I no longer use Windows so there won’t be many Windows related posts in my blog. Because of the same reason I don’t have any opinion on that operating system either (other than the fact that not using it saves me some money I can spend on useful stuff).

A major issue I had with social networking sites is the loss of information – posts are not Google-able and at the time I had a regular account in Facebook (I have one now for this website) I didn’t find a way to search my own posts. So they are actually lost in a few days. The only workaround was to create notes which, again, were not Google-able. There was no way to categorize posts. Besides these, another problem was that of the wrong and limited audience. People in friends list were from different spheres and many were not interested in information, rather cute baby photos or pseudo-philosophical notes were more welcome. These made me aware of my e-social limitations. Free laud and empathy are so cheap nowadays!

Many a time I use Google image search to link to or attach images from different sites in my posts. I hope they understand that there is no intention of content theft and the images are not used for any financial benefit. The cool penguin logo is from openclipart.

All opinions and comments in this blog are personal and has no relation to any organization I am affiliated to.

So long! :)

To reach me drop a mail to ‘mailman at tuxdiary dot com’.