notepadIt’s been a while we visited, a fast web service to jot down your notes or memos or todos and password protect them, or to share info between different systems. No accounts, no logins, no attachments. However, the developer put down a service end notice in Dec 2015. Though it’s still running, the notice is still there and we started looking for some alternatives.

Features we absolutely need:

  • zero ads
  • password protection
  • no accounts
  • anything else is bonus


The closest match, developed by Indian dev(s). In addition to English, it supports some Indian languages too (or more, using Google Language). Notes can be write or read-write locked.

Another close match along with link URL change support. Integrated spellcheck and Monospace font support are attractive features too. Account creation is optional.


Open source with overwrite protection for multiple editors from different systems. Use several notes in a tabbed interface.

Code Pad

Reading view, timed self-destruction, line numbers, revision history. A big drawback is notes can’t be accessed by a direct URL, 2 steps are required to access locked notes.

In addition to the above services, we couldn’t help add the Google Chrome extension Sticky Notes which we found very handy for quick notes. It supports reasonable customization.

One thought on “ alternatives”

  1. I found your your post because it seems Notepad.CC is finally down. I remember when the announcement first came, I hurriedly backed everything up. Since then, it was still up, so I used it for three more projects. I tried opening one about 10 minutes ago and it seemed I couldn’t reach it. It’s a shame, but I was playing with fire anyway. I can easily replace the file I was reaching and the important document was already open in a tab so I copy and pasted it in Hopefully, that one sticks. I wonder if it will be truly down this time, a delayed death as it were? Nevertheless, I’ve been happy to use it since 2010.

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