Day Planner: light calendar & reminder app

Day Planner

Day Planner is a calendar cum task manager cum reminder app for the Linux desktop. You can add or import events and get popup notifications for the events. The app is too simple to start with but there are provisions to supercharge it. However, it has certain limitations as we’ll see.


  • import and export events (works with Google calendar imports)
  • event manipulation
  • navigate to date to see events
  • autostart at login (required for notifications)
  • remind in advance
  • calendar synchronization through Day Planner services (plugin)
  • show in system tray (plugin)
  • lightweight, minimal dependencies
  • generic package available for multiple Linux distros

We found several areas where the app can do better

  • event scrolling
  • hide dates with no events (why show as nothing???)
  • Google calendar sync (without it no calendar app makes sense)
  • system tray integration should be built-in

For some, calcurse might suit the needs better.


Install the dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install libany-moose-perl libmouse-perl

Download the package from Day Planner website (linked below) and install it.

$ sudo dpkg -i dayplanner_version.deb


Features: 3/5
Usability: 3.5/5

Webpage: Day Planner

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