Degoo offers 100GB free cloud storage


Referral link for 3 GB bonus.

Degoo is a new cloud storage service offering 100GB free cloud storage. The service claims military grade data encryption and stores multiple copies of your data for redundancy in case of nodal failures. The free plan allows up to 2 synchronized devices.

Degoo works with referrals too. If your friend uses your referral link both of you would earn 3GB extra. The upper limit is 500GB. So you can get a total of 600 GB. We’ve shared our referral link above (and below).

Degoo uses 128-AES encryption and splits the encrypted files into smaller chunks to save in different storage nodes. Degoo claims to have developed a compression technique that alows them to store more data at same storage capacity.

Degoo comes with an Android client to keep your device in sync.

Degoo backs up entire directories at a time. Some of the user feedback on the Android app say the app may have a higher learning curve but it seemed easy to use during our test run. Individual file selection is not supported yet and the app is not very flexible with choosing custom folders. Given it’s under active development and the devs are responding, we hope these would be fixed soon.

In any case, an extra 100GB can’t harm as long as you don’t save critical files and mirror them locally or on another cloud service, e.g. Box or Dropbox.

Degoo has clients for Android, Windows and OS X but no Linux client yet. It would be great if you can request a Linux client on their Twitter or Facebook account.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up using the link below to claim your 100 (+3) GB today!

Referral link: Degoo

2 thoughts on “Degoo offers 100GB free cloud storage”

  1. Doesn’t work on Linux. Bleah.

    100 GB sounds nice though. The last time I got something bigger was on We know how that turned out … crash and burn. And the Microsoft freebie, too. Bottom line: don’t keep all your nuts in one squirrel-hole.

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