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Caught in PokéMania? Can’t wait to catch them all? PoGoMap is a Python utility to find nearby Pokémons. The data is updated live and optionally shows gyms and pokestops in your locality. The client runs on a flask server and uses the google maps service. Though it is still a proof of concept, the utility works precisely.

PoGoMap works on all major Linux distros, OS X and Windows, thanks to Python. At the time of writing only v2.7 is supported (no 3.x yet). Android and iOS ports are under development.


To install the prerequisites on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install python python-pip nodejs npm

Clone the project repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/AHAAAAAAA/PokemonGo-Map

or download the latest release.


Check out the options first:

$ python ./runserver.py --help

While most of the options are self-explanatory, here are the details:


-a AUTH_SERVICE: Auth Service (values: ptc or google).
-u USERNAME: Username (Email if using google).
-p PASSWORD: Password.


-l LOCATION: Location, can be an address or coordinates.
-c: Coordinates transformer for China.
-fl: Toggles the search bar, uses a 'fixed' location.
-k GMAPS_KEY: Google Maps Javascript API Key.


-H HOST: Set web server listening host.
-P PORT: Set web server listening port.
-m: Mock mode. Starts the web server but not the background thread.
-ns: No-Server Mode. Starts the searcher but not the Webserver.
-C: Enable CORS on web server.

Search settings

-st STEP_LIMIT: Steps, the amount of 'steps' the scan will make.
-sd SCAN_DELAY: Time delay before beginning new scan.
-np: Disables Pokemon from the map (including parsing them into local db).
-ng: Disables Gyms from the map (including parsing them into local db).
-nk: Disables PokeStops from the map (including parsing them into local db).


-dc: Display Found Pokemon in Console.
-L LOCALE: Locale for Pokemon names: default en, check locale folder for more options.
-d: Debug Mode.
-D DB: Change the name of the database file, default is pogom.db.
-t: Number of threads, default is set to 1.

You’ll need a Google Maps API key to access the service.

To launch the server:

$ python runserver.py -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -st 10 -k [Google Maps API key] -l "[LOCATION]"

or, using Google account:

$ python runserver.py -a google -u [USERNAME] -p [PASSWORD] -st 10 -k [Google Maps API key] -l "[LOCATION]" 

Once the server is up, visit http://localhost:5000 to locate the Pokémons. You’ll have to refresh the page manually to update it. Auto-refresh is not implemented at the time of writing.

Webpage: PoGoMap

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