KeeWeb: KeePass compatible password manager


KeeWeb is a beautifully designed multi-platform app that works with KeePass database files. KeeWeb is written in electron and comes as a standalone desktop app or online/offline web apps. For this article we will concentrate on the desktop app. We have our reservations about cloud based password managers.

On Linux KeeWeb is an alternative to KeePassX, which is Qt based. However, KeeWeb is much more polished in look and feel. The navigation remains reasonably similar. It also remembers the last file opened.


  • Written in electron, KeeWeb desktop app works on Linux, Windows and Mac
  • Themes, custom font size, custom icons, two layouts
  • Mark items with colour
  • Easy tagging, sorting and searching (with advanced filters)
  • Generate passwords with multiple combinations
  • Save encrypted file on Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive
  • Tons of shortcuts
  • Open multiple file at a time
  • Drag and drop attachments and database files into app
  • Hide fields when needed, stored more securely in memory
  • History with rollback
  • Support for mobile browsers (beware of browsers!)
  • Inline image viewer
  • Auto-update
  • Open source and free (Apache 2.0 licensed)

Note: At the time of writing, the same link ( is mentioned as offline and online in 2 different places.


To install Keeweb desktop app, download the package for your platform and install it.


Features: 4.4/5
Usability: 5/5

Webpage: KeeWeb

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