Cumulus: weather app Stormcloud restored


Thanks to a recent pledge on OMG! Ubuntu!, popular weather app Stormcloud has been revived as Cumulus.

Stormcloud was a open source paid app with a metro interface. There were several reasons (cost, change in weather APIs) the developer couldn’t maintain it. However, it was revived as Typhoon.

However, Typhoon faced its share of problems soon. Once again location and forecast APIs pulled the app offline.

Good news! Developer Daryl Bennett has revived the app based on cumulus, a fork of Stormcloud. Data is fetched from Yahoo! Weather. The following features (which were supported in Stormcloud as well) work at the time of writing:

  • Set a location
  • Choose temperature & wind speed unit
  • Toggle Unity Launcher badge
  • Set a custom background color
  • Adjust opacity
  • Refresh weather information

The look and feel follows Stormcloud closely.


Install dependencies:

$ sudo apt-get install gir1.2-webkit-3.0

Download the latest deb package from the project releases page and install manually.

$ sudo dpkg -i cumulus_version_amd64.deb

Note that the app is still in pre-alpha stage at the time of writing. Expect glitches.

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