Arch Linux Anywhere: Arch install for mortals


The first time I tried to install Arch I had to go through a lot of cmdline stuff. I moved to Manjaro quickly because I didn’t want to go through the ordeal again (in case I goofed up my system while experimenting). I would say Arch install is not for the newbie or the novice. However, Arch is a great distro and the installation should be much simpler. Enter arch-linux-anywhere, an excellent time saver. Because you don’t want to learn the internals of Arch installation.


arch-linux-anywhere is a custom Arch Linux installer which wraps up the default installation steps for you with shell scripts. It goes without saying that the full package comes as a ISO (download link below). Once you boot your system from the ISO (using a CD/DVD or live USB), ~700MB in size, type arch-anywhere to invoke the installer wrapper scripts which starts the dialog-automated installer.


Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported. Choose from base or base-devel Arch Linux install, several partitioning schemes, a dozen DEs, additional graphics drivers, multiple bootloaders, several network utilities and lots of optional additional software.


And that’s not all! You get to browse the full Arch Linux wiki from the cmdline (run arch-wiki) or refresh package information from the mirrors (run fetchmirrors).

Download: Arch Linux Anywhere

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