Quick notes on the Linux desktop


Sticky notes are quite handy for quick notes or memos on the desktop. xpad is a great sticky notes utility on Linux. However, users very particular about privacy or not interested in displaying mundane stuff on the desktop or just fond of a clean desktop may want to store the notes somewhere else; but available any time.


Our first pick after carefully reviewing dozens of these utilities is a Google Chrome extension! Yes, Notepad is probably the one Chrome app you may want to install. It integrates with the launcher very well and we could find it from the xfdashboard. So hopefully it would play well with other dashboards (like HUD for Unity) as well. It’s very simple wrt. functionality. The only notable feature is search.


This is even simpler and cmdline jukies would love it. Add the following alias to your ~/.bashrc:

alias qk='vi ~/.quick'

and fire

$ qk

whenever your want a scratchpad at your beck and call.

2 thoughts on “Quick notes on the Linux desktop”

  1. A chrome extension or a Vim alias, that’s a big leap 🙂
    I’ve found https://pilemd.com/ that is a multi-platform, markdown notes app that I synchronize with Syncthing to my other computers and smartphone on which I have neutriNotes

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