Unsure about Ubuntu 16.04? Try Voyager Linux

Voyager desktop

After using Ubuntu 14.04 with LXDE for 2 years, I decided to upgrade my heavily customized installation to Ubuntu 16.04. 16.04 is an LTS release with bleeding edge software. However, soon I realized that I need to spend a considerable amount of time on customization to make Unity meet my preferences. I backed up everything important and started searching for a distro which will suit my needs. LXDE is great for speed but this time I was craving for some visual topping.

I tried 3 distros (Deepin, KaOS, Manjaro LXQt) and wrote about my experience on each earlier. Manjaro is nice and fast but I still needed an Ubuntu variant to try out new software or experiment, which brings me to Voyager 16.04, based on Ubuntu 16.04 and released a week later.

Though visually stunning, Voyager seemed bloated when I installed it first. But I realized soon this is exactly the thing newbies would love! From the weather applet to Plank to desklets to Parole media Player to Clementine to Terminator, this is one distro that offers the latest and the best from Linuxland, and installs those by default. When it comes to a regular user, he may not even need to add any additional PPA. The distro adds some PPAs over default Ubuntu already.

Voyager uses XFCE and the default theme is a beautifully customized one, very OS X-ish, and I love how sensibly proportional the File manager window is. To do this on Unity you gotta scale down, which also makes the fonts smaller. The fonts look great (to my eyes). Infinality works fine. Voyager can easily fit in our list of most beautiful Linux distros.

Voyager is extremely customizable. It took me half an hour to figure out how to disable extra panels, heavy compositing and redundant (to me) processes that run on startup. Everything at your fingertips from the well-designed Settings Manager.

There are at least 3 different ways to launch apps in Voyager. xfdashboard quickly became my favourite and I removed the others. I installed AltYo, the drop-down terminal emulator I am used to. Voyager comes with the default XFCE one which is also equally handy.

As you can guess from the image above, I’m enjoying it. If you are looking an easily customizable Linux distro for everyday use, Voyager can be the one. Give it a spin today!

2 thoughts on “Unsure about Ubuntu 16.04? Try Voyager Linux”

  1. With all the fanfare about elementaryOS, a still underdeveloped piece of eye candy, I have commented in several places about Voyager. Except for the panel on the right side that pops out many times when one goes to scroll (solved simply by unlocking it and moving it to the left side), it provides a very slick implementation that shows the best of the great XFCE desktop. For those who are not *buntu fans, Voyager also offers a Debian-based version with most of the best serious software installed by default.

    I should mention that my recommendation of Voyager is not an overtly biased one. My personal preference is for the Enlightenment DE running on Arch! Nonetheless, I think Voyager a great distro for those who want a well-designed desktop ready to run out of the box.

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