Better Google Chrome fonts on Linux

Google Chrome font

If you have noticed, on DEs like XFCE and Unity, Google Chrome (and family e.g. Chromium, Opera, Yandex Browser, SRWare Iron …) do not follow font settings. In other words, even if you set the best fonts like Noto Sans or Open Sans in your browser settings, your gmail fonts still look curvy and crooked. The situation doesn’t change even if you use Infinality, because the problem lies with how the browsers choose fonts rather than the font rendering.

I was quite offended with the way fonts appeared on my brand new Voyager Linux installation. I happen to spend most of my time in-browser and couldn’t just let it get ruined.

After a long search I came across the Chrome extension Font Changer with Google Web Fonts™ which let you set global and site-specific font settings. The fonts are listed from the huge collection of fonts from Google Fonts repository. For example, I set Noto Sans to bring back order to this font chaos.


  • Even Fixed-width font uses custom font, so if you frequently visit GitHub or TuxDiary, you may want to use the browser settings for these websites to view the code snippets clearly. The extension should add this provision.

NOTE: Personally I think Firefox 46 fonts look way better than Chrome family. It’s much easier to use unified font settings too (without any extension).

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